Set up your at-home workout for success

Jan 18, 2022

Decide what type of movement.
What type of movement feels good to you? Or what is interesting to you at the moment? Explore different options to find what you like. You’re not supposed to hate your workout, if you dread showing up to it, it’s probably not the workout for you or there are some internal cues going on for you to investigate further.

Create a space for it.
Having a dedicated workout space really sets the tone for the entire workout. Be it a corner in your home, or an entire room altogether, it’s important to have space dedicated for your workout. Set up a mat, or any equipment you might need.

Look the part.
Put on activewear that makes you feel good!

Set the mood.
Turn on some music or tune into a class.

Hydration is key.
Making sure you stay hydrated is optimal for a good workout. Having a cute water bottle close by will ensure you get the hydration you need.

Schedule it.
Planning ahead makes for a higher chance of success. Just the mere act of scheduling it in your calendar sends a message that this is every bit as important as the other things on your calendar.

Commit to it.
Movement is self-care. Give yourself permission, and commit to taking this time for yourself and your body.

Show up. And be gentle with yourself.
You are doing the best you can! Just showing up for yourself is a success in itself. Listen to your body and respect what it needs.



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